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Bonjour, my name is Katie :3 This is my simblr. I post my sims pictures here. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an ask :D kloveyoubye #simflix ♥ |
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Hey folks ! I made a new sim , he’s 30% alien . He’s going to be Dalphina’s boyfriend . I have no clue what to name him , but his place holder is Jai .

20 Sep  47

I thought ap psychology would be easy. My teacher gave me 2 days to remeber 56 flashcards and read 50 text book pages.

Who’s idea was it to make teenagers the same height as adult?

i can’t stop online shopping. 


hey everyone

madeover Yui bc i haven’t posted in a billion years i know

Just saw that old Navy has a tall women’s section :DDDD

  W I L L O W  C R E E K

i love this little walk 

i might love this interaction. plus baby #1 is on the way

lol sims 3 picture’s i’ve never posted of mendy & elton