Bonjour, my name is Katie :3 This is my simblr. I post sims 3 and 2 pictures here. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an ask :D
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I’m currently in the process of working 9 hours. That’s the longest I’ve ever worked in one day in my life.
I need a hot shirtless man to come rub my feet.

songz grew up to a completely different cat :3

bluesky-sims replied to your post: he adopted a kitty for his wife. this …

Oh, my sim just adopted one exactly like yours :)

they’re so cute! and mine grew up to a completely different looking cat but i love it :3

he adopted a kitty for his wife. this is songz totally not named after trey songz

wifes gone to work so he put on his pj’s and acted like a kid

How ON EARTH are your ts2 sims so smooth and perfect looking!?

i…i don’t know :(

i followed this tutorial but threw in a little sharpness and topaz :3

plus i use fraps to take my pictures. but that’s it, nothing special

Anonymous said:
What are your sims 2 eye and skin defaults, please? I love how they look!!


Eyes (scroll a lil bit)

& thank you! ♥