sim for me ;)
Bonjour, my name is Katie :3 This is my simblr. I post sims 3 and 2 pictures here. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an ask :D kloveyoubye #simflix ♥ |
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is anyone else really excited for this?? it looks amazing

the dorm now has a little book room

Anonymous said:
Hey! Do you know wcif the activity table from this post? /post/95050163413

hihi! i’m almost positive it’s just from the freetime expansion pack :3

Hi, just found your simblr. It's really nice!

thank you!! ♥♥

i think i’m going to uninstall sims 3. i haven’t played it in months and i have no desire to. like at all. 

working on a dorm for this generation

the house got another floor

this thing is so adorable >.<

playing with the birthday girls